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The countrys around Iran are Iraq,Pakistan,Turkey,Afghanistan,Azerm and Turkmenistan. The capital city is Tehran,with coordinates of 32 degrees north, and 53 degrees east. This country is in the northern and eastern hemispheres on the continent of Western Europe.

a gargoyle on the capital

Physical features

Iran is in the temperate zone. One major feature is the Zagros Mountains. It is between the latitude lines 23 1/2 and 66 1/2. They run along the western border. They are also the largest mountains in the country.


Iran's total population is large, at a 77.2 million. Its population density is 122 people per square mile. It has a growth rate of 1.05%. Iran is growing pretty fast. More people are leaving the country than coming in to the country. They five largest cities in the countries are Tehran,Mashhad,Isfahan,Karaj andTabris. Iran is mostly urban. The fight against Isis is fairly near them. That could be why people are leaving. The number of people leaving is .08. The fertility rate is 1.85. The world rank is 162nd place for population density. The world rank for population is 17th place.

city street in Iran


Cheetah in Iran

A native breed of cat to Iran



Research from Britannica school

Geography Alive! Textbook



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