Andrew Carnegie robber baron

Andrew Carnegie was one of the people who shaped America into what it is today. He was a very successful man who made lots of profit from his work in the steel industry. Although he donated large sums of money to people in need, he is a robber baron because of the excessive amount of power he had, his treatment of workers, and his extreme wealth.

One of the reasons why Carnegie is a robber baron is because he had such a high amount of power. He controlled other peoples businesses along with his own, often telling them his feelings about their business. When Carnegie talked to his friend Frank Doubleday,he asked "Do you know what I would do if I were in that kind of business?" Doubleday replied by asking, "No, what?" Carnegie said, "I would get out of it." He used this as a way of showing other people his excessive amount of power in his business.

Another reason why Andrew Carnegie is a robber baron is because of his extremely poor treatment of workers. He had them working long, hard hours in terrible conditions. The pay that they received from their work was not even enough to support their families most of the time.

Lastly, Andrew Carnegie was a robber baron because he had so much wealth. This makes him a robber baron because he had enough money to live a life of luxury however he wanted, but some people who worked for him couldn't even afford to support their large families.

Although Andrew Carnegie died a long time ago, his work still affects us today.

His work still affects us today because his foundation is still helping people to become educated on every level.

He also affects us today because his foundation is helping people with the costs to receive an education. The Carnegie Foundation is also a leader in the effort to provide federal aid for higher education, including Pell Grants, which assist low- and middle-income students.

Lastly, the Carnegie Foundation still serves to help other foundations related to education, making it easier for everyone to receive an education.

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