Spring Break By spring

Q:How will you get to your destination? If flying, driving, sailing; how long will it take you get there?

A:To get to my destination I will take the Aeromobil (A flying car) and fly it to niagara falls it would take about 4 hours and 10 minutes.

Q:Where will you stay when you are there?

A:I would be staying at a 5 star hotel

Q:What are three or more things that you would like to do when you get to your destination?

A:What i would do well i would 1st ride a amphicar (a car boat) over the falls. then maybe golf. And visit the niagara falls museum.

Q:What are some foods that the place you are going is known for?

A:It's mostly know for italian restaurants at this place

This concludes the document on niagara falls


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