Reverse Engineering a disposable camera

Casing:Protects the camera from damage/ holds parts in place/ prevents light from touching film.

Shutter: Keeps light out of film until opened/ controls how long film is exposed in light

Film: redirects beams of light to come together to make an image/ slows light down and bends light at an angle to converge at one point to form and image.

Flash Circuit: Provides a short flash of light when shutter is released to light up a room to solve the problem of lack of indoor light.

Battery -> gas discharge (makes flash) -> electrical circuit (connects power to tube.)

Gas Discharge Tube: Filled with xenon gas (is in fluorescent lamps and neon light.) / has electrodes and metal trigger hidden by reflective material to direct flash forward.

1. Electrical current moves electrons -> xenon atoms are energized -> emits visible light photons


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