Kilbourne Girls Water Polo Ranked #2 in the State! by camille shiffer

The team rallying before a game

The Kilbourne girls water polo team has been off to a great start of their season by being ranked two in the state! This past weekend they participated in a tournament at Thomas Worthington where they went 6-1 and ended the tournament by placing fifth out of fifteen teams.

Senior and Captain of the team, Melanie Fisher believes chemistry is a vital component. "This year the team has very good chemistry and also some really good swimmers have joined the team this year.... the team this year just has more of a winning desire which has really increased how we perform in games." As a captain of the team she plans to be an example for her teammates by showing them the importance of having a positive attitude.

"The team this year just has more of a winning desire which has increased the way we perform in games" -Melanie Fisher

Junior, Phoebe Saunders stated that the team was became a lot closer this year and that it has really affected them in a positive way during their games. "This year we've just tried to make warm ups more fun so that the team can laugh a little and get loose before our games." This new exercise has really helped her and teammates to form a stronger bond and has prepared them well for games

Senior Captian, Katie Ryzmek. Has noticed a lot of differences between this season and last one. "Last preseason a lot of people from the team worked extra hard in the off season by participating in the swim team and playing in club leagues." I also asked her if there were any specific changes that had been made to the team for this year, "we lost a starter from last year, and because of that it has led to the rest of the team really stepping up their game." I also asked her how as a captain and a senior how she plans to lead the team this season. "I really try to get everyone excited before games. I also want to show my teammates how important it is to work hard in practice so that we can perform well in games."

Fiona Saunders blocks a goal from Upper Arlington

Although there are no more home games, girls water polo will be fighting hard for the rest of their season! Be sure to show your support on social media and at Kilbourne! The water polo teams message to everyone is to come join water polo!


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