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I decided to focus on building a town of my own imagination out of origami. Origami are pieces of papers that are folded into things. I am going to make buildings, people, and thing that are in the town like animals and such by using origami style. This is important to me because I like being creative, and love to use my imagination. My imagination is big and this project would allow me to use this talent of mine, which would make this project fun for me to do. My goals for this project is being able to use my imagination to the fullest. Also to be able to use my creativity in the real world. My goals will be met by the town that will be made by my own imagination, this will show my creativity and how I used this imagination for a project.

I have learned so far that making different thing is a lot of work and you have to have a lot of patients in it. As for me I learned that I have plenty of patients, which is good. the bad thing is that I might have too much patients that I am not rushing much, which could make me fall behind on my project. I have used a book for my research to find out how to make some things that would go into my town. now I will use a video to create the things that the book does not show me how to make, like people. Also I will learn how to create different types of creatures, and then once I have everything made I will put it all together to create my town.

I have not learned of knew things yet, except the fact that the smaller the origami looks the harder it gets,and the bigger it looks the easier it gets. I have learned that my imagination can go very far if I put more effort in it, I had also learned that I am enjoying this a lot more than I thought I would. I feel that this was a good project that I could do. This weak I had used YouTube as a resource to look on how to make a dragon. this shows me every step they take on the video some of them also show the length they are. now I will learn how to make a paper person so that it could go to my town making it look populated and not run down. then I will start to put them all together.

I have learned an interesting fact which is origami people is a lot easier to make than an origami animal. I don't know really why, because they practically have the same amount of folds as each other. I think though that it could be because the origami person was on a video and the animals were on a book. this leads me to what I have learned about myself, which is that I can learn more better watching an example than reading the step by step pages. But it was a cool experience to try. for my resources that I used this weak, it was another YouTube video. From here now it is time to put all of the origami together to make a town. which would probably be the easiest part of the project from my point of view.

I learned that no matter how easy thing look they never are. I also learned that out of all the work I had done, the hardest was making a lot of origami. I have learned that I am not so good at putting glue on things, I had a frustrating time with that. As for my sources for my research well I did not use any this time. I mainly just used mine and my moms brain to put it all together. It was not that hard and it saved me a lot of time for more details, instead of having to search all these other things. I am now done with my project, so I am now looking foreword to how I am going to present my project to the class on the finals. I am not very good at presenting thing, because I ramble and forget what I was saying. That is why I need think on how to present better and that is where I will go from here.


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