To Kill a Mockingbird Point of View Assignment by Noah McLean

Jem, sneaking to Boo Radley's house

And so me, Scout n' Dill snuck out the house with one goal, to finally see that monster Boo Radley! Scout was scared, but she came anyway (I reckon she wanted to impress me and Dill). Anyway, we snuck through a hole in the fence and crawled through his yard. I made Dill n' Scout spit on it first, so it didn't make a noise and get us caught, it took forever too. I slowly opened up the gate, and that was when it first hit me how close to seeing Boo Radley we were. At long last! Scout still looked terrified, and I could see it in Dill's eyes too. I was a bit worried, but excited too. So we were in front of his house, and I realized the best way to see Boo Radley was through the window, so we lifted Dill up to see. I'm mad that I let this next part happen to myself, but a shadow came right up behind us, it was Boo Radley! Then we heard the blast of a shotgun, so we ran as fast as we could out the garden and through the fence. I pushed Scout n' Dill through the gate and tryed to crawl through myself, but I couldn't! My dumb pants got caught on the wire! I knew that if Boo Radley caught me I was dead meat, so I just took 'em off and left 'em. Turns out everyone else the gunshot too, cause everyone was outside, and everyone saw me without my pants! I've never been more embarrassed in my entire life, and it didn't help that Dill said we was playing cards. I snuck past everyone, told Scout to wait on the porch, and dashed back to the wire gate fence. But my pants weren't there, well they were, but they were fixed. I checked to make sure if they were mine and I looked to see who could've fixed them, but there was nobody around. Could it have been Boo Radley. We'll probably never know.

Mayella Ewell, the Tom Robinson trial

Why is it so hot in this damned courtroom? Whatever, I can't believe this Atticus Finch. Defending a negro over me, a God fearing white women? The nerve of him. He's seen Tom Robinson. Everyone has. He's a no good negro. He and the rest of them would hurt me in an instant. How does he not believe it. He just isn't letting up. Oh God, I hope he doesn't find out. Father will kill me if the negro gets proven innocent. He’ll be an outcast, even more than he already he is. He'll probably go after mother again too. It's times like this where I just hate being a Ewell. I'm a good person. I don't deserve to be in this situation. I just felt… lonely. Everyone needs friends or at least someone to be with. Why can't I? Anyway it's hotter than Hell in here. Will Finch just shut his trap already so we can go home?

Atticus Finch, the Tom Robinson trial

They're guilty. Everybody knows it. The evidence obviously points towards Mr. Ewell being the true perpetrator, and poor Mayella Ewell being beaten by her father. The racism and prejudice run deep in this town. I understand that everybody is raised differently, and the values instilled by their parents may not line up with mine, but those negative feelings should not extend to human beings, especially not due to the pigment of their skin. I'm grateful that I am here for Scout and Jem. Maybe those two will finally be the generation to stop all the hatred and create peace. It's a travesty though. Mayella doesn't appear to be a bad person. She's merely scared (probably for her life if Mr. Ewell has anything to say about it). Everyone needs someone, I just don't know if her method was the right way to go about it. I just hope that maybe, just maybe, logic and reasoning may persevere.

Boo Radley, saving Jem and Scout from Mr. Ewell

I was just in my house, minding my own business, when I heard somethin' from outside, sounded like a lot of screaming. I looked out the window and saw the two kids from next door, as well as another man. I thought it mighta been Atticus at first, but then I saw the man pull out a knife, and attack Jem and Scout. I knew that I had to do something, I couldn't let them get hurt, they're good kids, and I have a lot of respect for Atticus. I ran downstairs, grabbed a knife from the kitchen, and ran outside to find the man (who I then recognized as Bob Ewell) attacking Jem. I pushed him to the side and he swung at me with his rusty, old knife. We fought for a bit and I knew what had to be done, a swift stab in the stomach put 'em under. I dragged him under a tree and ran back to check on the kids. Scout seemed fine, but Jem was in bad shape, his arm was broken and he had some cuts on his face, so I carried him back to the Finch household, where Atticus was waiting and invited me inside. I was never in their house before. It's a nice place, I wish they'd invite me over sometime. Anyway Atticus thanks me and sends me me on my way. I feel bad that I had forgotten about Scout, but I saw her come home sometime later. I'm just glad that I was there to help.

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