There’s a reason why real life is found in God and not in things. It’s because ‘things’ have no inherent life of their own. By things I mean objects and other entities such as ‘behaviors’ and ‘beliefs.’ When Paul writes, ‘In Him we live, move and have our being’ he is stating the foundation of spiritual, personal and social life. The revelation of the Christ is that this ‘being’ is neither abstract or impersonal. He has a name.

God is personal and God is with you and in you
In you and with you

Jesus Christ is the human face of God and the Being that gives sentient and non-sentient objects their ‘being.’ You are a human face of Christ.

Landscape and Nature as wonderful as they are not God. God is a Person and God is in you.
Holiness is neither piety or religiosity. Just Christ as you.

Things such as days and times or ‘correct’ places of worship cannot impart spiritual life. Only God does this and not God as a generality or as a body of law – but God personally as the Spirit who lives in you and becomes you.

Know that God is God when you are still and when you are not..

‘In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind’ John 1.4 NIV. The mystery of Godliness in Christ is that in Him you too become life and light. He imparts Himself to you and you become YOURSELF as a son/daughter.

Know Yourself as you actually are.

There are many religious ways of living as a false self. Someone has written, ‘Our True Self remains untouched for most of us, because any direct experience of God or explicit union with God was blocked, denied, and largely declared impossible. It always had to be mediated by a Bible, priest, minister, church, or sacrament, and very often the mediators, and the defending of their mediations, became the primary message itself.


What is the meaning of My Life?

We could ask ourselves if our ministry is the promotion of the fullness of the Kingdom in Jesus or the pumping-up of our perspective and our denomination and it’s version of the gospel. Of cause there is only one real gospel which is why there is only one real you. The adventure of this life – if you are a genuine Follower – is to so lose yourself in His life that you gain your real self and your real life before you leave the body. This is the kind of ministry that Paul calls ‘competent’ because it is the kind that ministers spirit and life and not more religion.


Is the false self you or the real self you?

Drawing our attention to the inert nature of the natural world and its externalities, Thomas Torrance observes, “The universe is not self-supporting or self-explaining as though it had an interior principle of its own, but neither is it mere appearance for it is ontologically grounded beyond itself on God who has given it an authentic reality and lawfulness of its own which he unceasingly sustains through the presence of his Creator Word and Spirit. If he were to withdraw that presence from the creation it would vanish into nothing. Thus in the last resort the inherent meaning and truth of the universe lie beyond its own limits in God who loves it, sustains it, and undergirds it by his own divine reality.” (1)

You are real to the extent that you are in christ

The reality of you lies beyond you in Jesus, the Son of God. Yet this reality is already in you. By believing it becomes you. When Christ is you, you are real where you are. This implies that we are real when we are in God and not fully ourselves when we are not. It also explains why in the law we will be a mummified version of humanity rather than a robust, loving being of spirit and life. In things other than God we are not ourselves. And having made religion of them we will always be suspicious of unlimited life and even oppose life as if we are on the side of God. But we are not. Religion can be an advance on legalism, yet as a variety of the knowledge of good and evil it too is ‘a thing’ and largely bereft of spirit and life. I say ‘largely’ because grace means that drops of life get through even when we have aligned ourselves with false gospels, false Christ’s and cunningly devised fables. Having said this we must keep in mind that fullness of life, freshness of spirit and health of soul depends on our having a genuine and personal Jesus and knowing that He has made us His own. Jesus did not bequeath us his arm or his leg or a torso but His entire self along with the instruction to ‘eat Him to live.’


Eat Jesus to live and be the Best you..

There is a wide way that does not lead to immediate destruction but which produces lassitude, dullness of spirit and depleted powers of perception. It is guaranteed to produce congregations of sleep-walkers, who as active as they may be, are nevertheless not alive in their spirit. The mystery of Godliness and the glory of you and the sons of God is not hidden. It’s in plain sight. Your glory and the honouring of God is found in the fact that Christ is already in you and you are positioned not only in Christ but in the company of the trinity. Live from this reality, from this union with God and you will ignite every situation and the dullest of circumstance with the light of the world. The world of routine life will never be passé again because you will see in it the hand of God and know yourself as a river of life that adds to other rivers and draws from other rivers – to multiply life without limit.

Our Christ life can be overflowing or be meagre.

Passivity can mean that real life and the real you will pass us by.

Jesus is Everything or nothing

Unlimited life begins now. You can swim in it and multiply it simply by agreeing that Christ has drawn you into His life and you are living in this fact. This is Kingdom Reality. (1) Torrance, Thomas F.. The Trinitarian Faith: The Evangelical Theology of the Ancient Catholic Church (T&T Clark Cornerstones) (p. 101). Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle Edition.

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