How I use Adobe Tools and share with my community Books - Lightroom - PhotoShop - Dreamweaver - Indesign - Capture and MORE....

I am a teacher that makes things. I particularly make books. I find books are the best way to share photographs and create a sharing processes with my viewers. Some things I have made and shared this year.

I had the honor of making the League for Innovation catalog for the art competition. Feature the work of our amazing students, this was a project where I used Lightroom, Photoshop and iDesign. Below is the link for the full catalogue.

My partner and husband and fellow artist, Geir Jordahl, and I celebrated 40 years in photography. We create an exhibition of our work and shared the catalog of the exhibition.

Other books this year include Made by Hand featuring the work of many traditional practitioners of the art of photography including many incredible photographers including Linda Connor, Elizabeth Opalenik, Brian Taylor, and Jerry N. Uelsmann.

Currently, I am the designer and co-curator for Bill Owens 80th birthday exhibition at the PhotoCentral Gallery - - Altamont to America: Bill Owens and the Legacy of Suburbia.

And, just off to the press in Italy - - Cultures in Transitions -- the work of Oliver Klink. I am so excited to have worked on this beautiful book. (Using a range of Adobe Tools, of course!)

I said when I was hired, I must make to earn my place in the classroom. I keep creating, sharing what I create with my students and colleagues and using the range of Adobe tools to teach, to make and to share. From Exhibitions, books and my own work, I strive to be an outstanding Adobe Campus Leader!

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