The Discreet Life of Human Trafficking By Xavier glasco

All over the world women are being held captive and their bodies are being violated.
Some women are made sex slaves at ages as young as 13 and are kept there for years
when these men pay money they can do whatever they want and make these ladies feel like less of a women
we as a human race should "man up" and help set these women free
most of these women are mothers
If it was your mother or grandmother how would you feel


Created with images by KlausHausmann - "handcuffs caught crime" • lechenie-narkomanii - "the dependence of women's dependence the shackles" • Go-tea 郭天 - "Good Morning 1/52" • Leroy_Skalstad - "people homeless woman" • shilmar - "portsoy scotland port" • adobo express - "Mother" • daily sunny - "Holding hands"

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