Solution for the Natives By:Lillian Bowers


My name is Nova Bennett, I am a 17 year old girl from the Sioux tribe. There is a problem with the American settlers and my family is suffering. The settlers are moving west onto our sacred land. My family and tribe were moved onto reservations where we were told that we would be safe and have the resources we need. It wasn't long until they took our land and sold it to the settlers. Our land is sacred, it should not be treated this way. My tribe and the Americans have different beliefs on land ownership. There were borders set up but they were later broken. Something needs to change.

Territories and Boarders

In June of 1876, there was a battle fought by the Sioux and the Cheyenne tribe against the Americans. We fought and won that battle yet the white settlers still believe that they can take over our land. The American government is moving our tribe from place to place, reservation to reservation. We come together to set boarders, yet they get broken. Somebody needs to teach these white settlers that they are not in charge.

White Settlers moving west

These settlers are taking our land and our resources from right under our noses. Life is hard having to move everything we own on short notice. The government is selling our land to white settlers and kicking us out to put us on reservations. We are people too, they need to treat us like we are. As a young girl, I can't do much to help my tribe but I try my best.

Different beliefs on land ownership

Our ancestors have put blood, sweat, and tears into our land and our culture. Many of our people have sacrificed their lives for the future of our tribe. Something needs to be done to save the traditions of our native ancestors. My tribe believed that we would have our lives back again. We believed that our land would be returned to its rightful owner and be treated with respect. The American government doesn't treat the land with respect, they treat it as an object that can be thrown around. If the government wants to treat the land like that, they need to leave.

Government solution

The government has attempted to solve these problems but none of their attempts have worked. Reservations were made, yet they kicked the Indians out. Resources were given, and then taken away. The government was not firm with the laws that were put into place. Because they were not strict, the laws were broken, causing the Indians to suffer. In order to secure every ones rights, the government needs to treat every one with equality. In 1887, the Dawes Act was put into place. It just destroyed the Indian culture and

My Solution

I want to be the person who changes the lives of many. I am going to bring my tribe back to there land and show my ancestors that I care. I want the Americans and the Indians to live together in peace. I think that making everyone pay for their land, pay taxes, and be able to buy and sell land. Along with buying land, the owner will be allowed to fence their property in. This will make it so that the settlers will not be able to kick us out of our reservations. The money will go to helping us build our land and get the resources we need. The government has to treat all the people equally. I believe that doing this will change the lives of many for the better and us Indians will be able to live in peace.

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