When you trip and no one see's By Brianna

When you walk down the street with a large crowd around, none of you are paying attention, and they keep bumping into you knocking your purse out of your hands or maybe your grocery bags.

You bend down to pick your bags up.

You stand back up and someone hits you, then you trip, falling to the ground.

You hit the hard surface underneath you.

You scrape your hands against the ground.

You start to feel embarrassed, your face turns flush red.

You think everybody is staring at you.

You get up feeling ashamed, you stare at the sidewalk that you have just hit, take a sneak peak up then realize no one saw you trip.

You start feeling relieved.

No one is laughing, no one is saying anything about it.


Created with images by Tabeajaichhalt - "high grass walk relax" • Cairomoon - "beach sand traces" • Unsplash - "standing forest legs" • TanteTati - "legs feet shoes" • stokpic - "footprints sand beach" • sunnivalode97 - "walk walking feet" • fotshot - "walking feet shoes" • tasman2706 - "footprints sand beach" • Dieter_G - "beach water mussels" • sean_hickin - "Red Shoes" • jesiehart - "Legs"

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