Georgia By: Julie gilper

My State is Georgia

Georgia's Savannah City Hall

Georgia's nickname is The Peach state

A picture of a peach

It became a state in January 2, 1788

A flag of Georgia

Georgia's bird is the Brown Thrasher

A picture of a Brown Thrasher

Georgia's Flower is Azalea

A picture of the Azalea

Georgia's insect is the Honeybee

A picture of a Honeybee


The Brown Thrasher inspired the name of Georgia's former National Hockey League team

A picture of a National Hockey League team


Pine trees are plentiful to Georgia. Tribes such as Muskogee Creek would use long pine needles to weave baskets 

A picture of Pine trees

Georgia's Key Industry is Farming

A lady Farming

Georgia's Key Site is the Georgia Aquarium

A picture of the Georgia Aquarium


Created with images by bobistraveling - "37 Azeala Pittsboro NC 9386" • gabepopa - "Savannah City Hall" • whitneyinchicago - "Peaches" • Marcia Todd - "Georgia Flag" • Patricia Pierce - "brown thrasher (10)" • art_es_anna - "Azalea" • skeeze - "honeybee pollinator insect" • Dan4th - "071220 bruins (262)" • daveynin - "Whitebark Pine trees" • Praziquantel - "China-Yangshuo woman farmer" • digitizedchaos - "georgia aquarium"

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