My Adobe Digital Video journal

Here I will journal about my adobe digital video course. I am excited to learn more about a program I already love and having this journal will help me build my video portfolio.

Here are the course objectives...

  1. Develop knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  2. Create and edit video using Adobe Premiere Pro.
  3. Learn best practices in pedagogy as well as classroom craft.
  4. Create a Behance portfolio.
  5. Get started with basic digital video concepts for educators
  6. Be more confident users of digital technologies
Assignment #1 a fifteen sec. vacation commercial

Assignment #1

In this first assignment, I accomplished the following:

  1. Got an orientation to the EDEx course platform.
  2. Reviewed the course overview, requirements and logistics.
  3. Bookmarked important links and saved important dates for the course.
  4. Downloaded, installed and got to know required applications for the course.
  5. Created a digital video assignment.

A tiny bit of frustration with this assignment, I am not sure what happened to it when I exported it. I have never had it do this before to me, I wonder if my tiny laptop just doesn't like the hard work. I wasn't really in the mood to go to school today to use their computers. Below is assignment #1, it was fun for me, I kind mapped it out in my head this morning during my shower, (where I tend to map out all my creative projects)

I really enjoyed this little project. I found it easier for me to make a 15 second video than I do making my 3 minute videos for school assignments. I should have made a logo for this video instead of just using text. I am not sure what else I would change right now about it..

Assignment #2 Thirty seconds vacation commercial build off the last video,

Assignment #2

Build on the first commercial video I made. This time add my own footage and some graphics. I already had transitions in my first one, I wonder if that is where my first footage got messed up? Going back over the footage there is a lagging that I thought was due to my laptop but now I am not sure... food for thought here maybe I will scrape the first round all together and start over :/

In this assignment I should learn...

  1. The next steps of Adobe Premiere CC
  2. The importance of Digital Creativity
  3. How to get started with the class 2 creative challenge

My thoughts on assignment #2

So I was right my tiny laptop can't handle the premier pro program. :( I didn't add any transitions to this one. The more I added to this the more my little laptop cried. I did go into Photoshop and made a logo for the video this time. It is a very simple logo, and overall I am happy with how it turned out.

What I would change about this one...

  • I would have liked to have added transitions
  • maybe make my logo a little stronger
  • I would have liked to added my own videos

Campfire thoughts

So, this was pretty basic information for me, I did learn a couple of new tricks. I can picture a smoother lesson plan for next fall if I get to student teach this again. I learned a new short cut or two this go around. I loved the links to the stock footage, I will share that link with my students and have them also make a 15 second and 30 second vacation videos. I enjoyed the challenge to make such short videos.

I recommend this course for the brand new user to Adobe Premier Pro user.

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