Liquid Zombie Glass With up to $300 Warranty

Made for every day use and abuse


Where ever life takes you, Red Zombie will take care of your device. Zombie Glass will help keep your device crystal clear and scratch free so that you may capture all of life's finest moments.

You will not find a better liquid Glass product anywhere.

Crystal Clear Impact Protection for where ever life takes you!

The basic liquid plan is our most popular and cheapest option.

Say goodbye to those annoying air bubbles on your Watch!

however, if you want peace of mind, optional $100, $200, $300 warranties are also available.

Keep your tablet in perfect condition!

Oh.. and Did we tell you there is no deductible?? ;)

Have a nice Camera? Protect the lens and LCD screen with Liquid Zombie Glass!
"Zombie Liquid Glass is so great! It is so smooth and clear and so easy to apply. I love that it works with my case and how strong and durable it makes my phone! Plus a $1000 warranty for front and back of my iPhone XR? It's a no brainer for me. I highly recommend it." - John T.

Liquid Installation Video

Still Not Sure?

We use our devices everyday for Business, School, Travel and Fun.. Red Zombie's Liquid Glass will help you protect the investment you made and help you sleep better at night.

Say no to cracks, keep your devices looking brand spanking new!

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