Austin's Energy project

A light bulb needs energy to be powered.

This video explains about many types of energy like how potential, and kinetic energy works.

Thermal energy transfer works by heat transferring from one place to another by convection in solids, convection of liquids, and radiation through anything that will allow radiation to pass.

When you touch something energy is transferred from your hand to the thing that you touched, that is a way to show energy transfer.

This car is going really fast so it has a lot of kinetic energy.

Above is my groups solar oven. We cooked a cheese quesadilla, in order for the cheese to melt the oven had to be at 150 degrees fahrenheit. Our oven got to 130 degrees, so the cheese didn't melt all the way.

Potentail energy is when an object is about to move but hasn't yet. For example a roller coaster is at the top and has not moved yet, so the roller coaster has potential energy.

Kinetic energy is when an object is moving like a moving car has kinetic energy.


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