Sheriff’s surprise makes Career Day unforgettable By Julie Gorham / citrus chronicle

Inverness Primary School got a big surprise from the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office during Career Day on Thursday, April 20.

When first-grader Caleb DesFonds told his mother, Joanna DesFonds, all he wanted to be when he grows up is a police officer, she set out to find a costume.

Quickly coming up short, DesFonds did what any parent would do — she called the sheriff’s office.

Within minutes, the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office said they had props to give, but they wanted to give them to Caleb with a particular agreement.

“They said ‘we will meet you at the school with two deputies to bring the props to him,’” DesFonds said. “It was special for the kids. They were speechless, they didn’t know what to say.”

The next day, she was just as surprised when not only three officers came, but so did Sheriff Mike Prendergast.

“He gave a speech about being a sheriff and told them how to become a police officer,” DesFonds said. “He gave Caleb a sheriff’s officer pin, a coloring book, sticks and a bag with two coffee cups. It is very sweet and something he will remember for a long time.”

Later that night Caleb and his family were in for an even bigger surprise when the 6 p.m. news came on and there was a tape of the event on WFLA Tampa News.

“This was a wonderful opportunity for the kids to meet the sheriff and a great reflection of what a wonderful community this is to live and work in,”

DesFonds said.

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