Emptiness By Elias Hardman

"We do not pray for immortality, but only not to see our acts and all things stripped suddenly of all their meaning;for then it is the utter emptiness of everything reveals itself."

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was in the French Air Force. His fiancé's family did not approve of his career making him stop his passion for a change of lifestyle. After his change his fiancé later left him extending his life of isolation. He was also very distant from his mother. This reflects the character of Meursualt, a very exististentialst point.

There is no meaning in life unless one makes it for themselves.

From a young age he found meaning for pleasure or meaning in his life.

“After making his first solo flight in July 1921 and receiving his pilot's license in 1922, Saint-Exupéry studied at the school for air cadets and at Avord Air Base. That same year he had a serious crash, the first of many” (Saint-Exupery, Antoine de).

Even after his traumatic crash at a young age he kept flying. He found something that gave him joy and meaning. Many would've stopped after the crash yet he did not. He found something he enjoyed and was good at which was his meaning.

“Born and brought up in such a world, what did we believe in? Nothing.” Charomonte, Nicola

There is nothing that he believes in. If there is nothing to believe in life, then he has the feeling of it being meaningless or empty.

The one thing that people want in this meaningless world is to find meaning. The way that they do it is up to them.

During the time of feeling hopeless Camus lost meaning most likely where when he least expected it. It was his girlfriend leaving him is what made him believe that nothing really matters to him.

“Meursault shares a unique relationship with his mother, due in part to her inability to communicate (Camus’s own mother was illiterate, partially deaf, and had trouble speaking).”(Bloom, Ryan. “Lost in Translation: What the First Line of “The Stranger” Should Be.” The New Yorker, The New Yorker, 16 July 2014,)

He couldn't talk to his mother therefore grew a distance between them and all meaning of being close was gone.This reflected and now explains why Meursault was so emotionless to his mother's passing. Also this shows why he feels that there is no meaning in his life. If his mother was able to talk to him and love him more the outlook he would have on the world would be different.

“I didn’t belong in my family, so why should I feel like I belong anywhere else.”

This is how the outsider sees the world from their perspective. They feel no connections to people and see no meaning to have a sense of belonging. When kids are the outsider at such a young age they have a set idea of how the world is, because they don’t belong in their family that's all they’ve ever known or been exposed too. When people’s lives are destroyed they lose any kind of hope until they find something to give them meaning it can be something small like religion.

To other people who believe in religion they see life as something that is already planned out for them and that the control is in the form of a higher power. They can not change the meaning of their life. The past can not be rewritten. Everything they do is made by a higher power. The meaning of their life is not in their hands but in the hands of the power. The meaning in life isn't how you look at something, but having something to have a perspective on. Having something to believe gives people their meaning in life. There is no correct meaning in one's life. Meaning comes to anyone that wants it, if you resent the idea of meaning you will not have found any in life. While some may think that life is meaningless it is up to the person to make meaning of their life whether that be the bad or the good.

Humans crave meaning in life, so they cling to any thoughts that comfort them. Whether that is religious beliefs, personal beliefs, or the belief that nothing matters. Regardless on what you believe, life has no meaning unless you make it for yourself. The world is filled with many things like hope the only thing they need to do is find their calling and make their meaning known.


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