J.D. Rockefeller A good Person?

J.D. Rockefeller was at one point in his life the single richest man in the world. He was born a northern Baptist and was a very devout one. He started the business standard oil in 1870, and by 1880 Standard oil owned 90% of all the oil in the US.

Rockefeller was very cutthroat in the way he earned his money. He layed many workers off and closed entire refineries in order to run his competitors out of business. This however is just business and morally he did many good things.

Rockefeller donated more money to charity at the end of his life than any other person ever. This is based on how much the dollar was worth back then. When the worth of the dollar is compared he gave a much higher percentage of his money away. He donated millions and millions of dollars to missionaries and relief groups around the country as well as donated large sums of money to churches, schools and libraries.

Rockefeller helped fund Tuskegee university as well as moorhouse college so that so that they could stay open. He also started the first modern medical school in China. He believed that God gave him the money so he believed that it was his duty to help others with his money.


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