The Divine:Spark Story By Jordan S. Johnson

When I was entering the play I was felling excited. I read about the play, but it was excited to see there rendition of the play in action. I was able to snag an aisle seat on stage left about half way up the theater. I was glad that I got the aisle so that I could have less obstruction, like people sitting in front of me or having to look up if I was closer to the stage. When the lights dimmed I was nervous for the actors, since it was opening night. I also was excited to finally see how there work had turned out. I do wish that there would have been more people for opening night. There were a couple of seats still open. I thought that the size of the theater provided an intimate setting to watch the performance. I thought that this people a part of the Good Life shows that we all can appreciate the arts.
With the approval of the users in the theater I was able to take a picture of the stage. I did attend the performance by my self, and thought that this would be better in order to experience the play as a whole. I was able to get dress and look nice out of respect for the performers. I also read through the plot of the play to make sure what I was going to witness. I think being able to share the "Good Life" with other allows someone to come into contact with other to think outside of the box. I think though for this performance the other plays that I have attended, I like to be able to think and go by my self and then debrief afterwards.
One thing that I really thought about during and after the play, was that the arts and religion do clash sometimes. The performance really allows for us in the theater understand our own culture by thinking about the performance and our lives. I love that the setting of the play was not in the United States and was placed in Canada. I liked the link when they used the orange in the play to bring in the great state of Florida. I loved that the play really addressed the issue of religion and how the arts challenge religion. The play also addresses the inequalities there are in those times, which I related to the times of today. I was able to relate, by having to work for what I have, and trying to provide for my family just as Leo was doing.
Katharsis is the Greek word for the process of "coming clean". I would say that the play "The Devine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt" allows for us to look through a different lens that we would normally not look through. I think that this relate back to the talk back that I was able to stay for. One question that was given to the the actors was, "Do you believe that the theater brings about social change?" His answer was very intriguing I thought. They all responded with yes it does! I never really thought about it, but the arts, and the humanities have always challenged the social norms. This is something I never really thought about it until attending the performance.

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