Series: Below the Surface

Emotions--we all have them. Often times we live our lives unaware of the needs below the surface of our emotions, so those needs go by unmet. As a result, we react impulsively to life out of our emotions, rather than receiving God's grace and responding to life with compassion toward ourselves and others. Author Peter Scazerro says, "It's impossible to be spiritually mature and emotionally immature." Following Jesus includes letting him show us the root of our emotions so we can take steps to become who Christ has called us to be.

Pastor Jason • August 18 • 9:15am and 11am

Deuteronomy 1:23-33

Message: Fear

Fear stops us in our tracks. Our hearts pound and we can easily become paralyzed, the instinct to run away kicks in. Why then does God say many times in the Bible, “Do not fear”? How do we identify fear as different from worry or anxiety? And how does fear affect a community? Join us as we explore how we can we feel, express, and respond to our fear in a way that brings us closer to God.

Note: Sunday night recovery services have concluded for the summer and will return on September 8! Bridge to Life will continue on Sundays normally at 6:45pm.

Recognize any of these Arts Camp crafts? All crafts need to be picked up from the office by Monday, August 19. We won't keep them after this day, so c'mon in and grab them!

4 Corners Offering

Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity is a partnership, home building & home repair Christian ministry that is based on the principal that all God's people deserve a decent place to live and that our community is a better place when that occurs. When Habitat families move from poverty housing into their own homes, they report better health, increased stability in the family, and children who do better in school.

Series Artwork: Emotional Health

"Nature points us to our Creator, reminding us of the Hope God's love gives. Hope in Christ is our solace and refuge as we experience life"s journey." - Liz DeVree and Mary Steenwyk (artists)

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