Advent and Christmas two seasons of the church year that helps us get ready for and celebrate Jesus. One of the best ways to get ready for him is to see him. To see who he is called to be, to see who his family was, to see how he was greeted. Come join with people around the world this season in seeing Jesus.

Pastor Larry • December 9 • 9:15am and 11:00am - King of Hope

Hope is on the way. For all who are waiting, for all who are longing for hope—hope, not a “I hope that happens, a kind of wishful thinking hope” but rather a strong, that’s going to happen hope...for all who are longing for hope, for each of here who is longing for hope during this season of Advent, this time of Christmas, for all of us who are longing for hope—hope is on the way.

“A shoot will come up form the stump of Jesse; from his roots a Branch will bear fruit.” Isaiah 11.1
Thank you to everyone who gave on giving Tuesday to support our nursery. More and more boxes keep arriving at EGM!

Big thanks to everyone who came out and helped pack meals after the service on Sunday!

Four corners offering this month is going to Grant Me Hope

You can learn more about what they do here.

Recovery service is Sunday at 5:30pm! Dinner to follow.

Art for this series:

Stacey Post & Mary Steenwyk

A Star Shall Come Out of Jacob

We chose the royal colors of gold, purple, and scarlet to illustrate the importance of "The Star" that will come out of Jacob. We chose the Star of David because it is out of David's family that God chose to break mankind's bondage of sin. God's promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will be fulfilled; a blessing for all is coming!

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