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The Mayans built many huge limestone structures as well as sculptures. The Mayans has an unusual concept of ideal beauty, which is easy to recognize.

The Mayan civilization reached its height in the Yucatan region of Mexico. The Mayan artists are commoners, but they were employed by the state to work at important sites instead of doing menial labor.

In Maya, the temple is usually placed higher than normal houses. However, houses are usually built higher from the ground due to the humid weather.

The Yachilan city was set on a high terrace, and the plaza was surrounded by important buildings.

Structure 40,Yachilan, 725 C.E., Limestone, Chiapas, Mexico.
The structure 40 overlooks the main plaza.

Built by ruler Bird Jaguar IV or his son who dedicated it to him.

There are three doors leading to a central room decorated with stucco.

The roof remains nearly intact and has a large roof comb on it, which is ornamented stone tops on roofs.

Lintel 25, Structure 23, Yaxchilan, 725 C.E., Limestone, British Museum, London.

This lintel was originally set above the central doorway of Structure 23. It depicts Lady Xoc holding a Bloodletting ceremony.

Why is this important? Bloodletting was a common practice in Maya life during the Preclassic period. It is an essential part of the rulership and of all public rituals.

Structure 33, Yaxchilan, 725 C.E., Limestone, Chiapas, Mexico.

The exterior has a roof comb and the interior has corbel arch.

Roof comb: A wall rising from the center ridge of a building to give the appearance of greater height.

Corbel arch: A vault formed by layers of stone that gradually grow closer together as they rise and eventually meet.

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