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Featured this week:

  • Parents as Teachers: Discovery Center Fun!
  • Colorado Elementary: Kindergarten Classes Thanksgiving Project.
  • Colorado Elementary: Mrs. Hines' Kindergarten Class.
  • Colorado Elementary: Ms. Schumaker's Kindergarten Class.
  • Colorado Elementary: Second Grade Classes.
  • Colorado Elementary: Mrs. Yahn's 3rd Grade Class.
  • Colorado Elementary: World Diabetes Day Guest Speaker!
  • Franklin Elementary: Meet Frankie!
  • Grant Elementary: 5th Grade Math Count Fast 24.
  • Grant Elementary: Leadership Lab Weekly Update.
  • Jefferson Elementary: Jefferson' 1st Quarter Perfect Attendance!
  • Jefferson Elementary: World Diabetes Day Special Guest Speaker!
  • Jefferson Elementary: Mrs. Randleman's 3rd Grade Class.
  • Jefferson Elementary: Mrs. Story's Deaf and Hard of Hearing Class.
  • Jefferson Elementary: Annual Family Science Night.
  • Madison Elementary: Family Math Fluency Night.
  • Mulberry Elementary: Christmas Came Early Celebration!
  • Mulberry Elementary: Veteran's Recognition.
  • Mulberry Elementary: PBIS Lunch!
  • Mulberry Elementary: Mrs. Green's Kindergarten Class.
  • Central Middle School: Mrs. Acker's ELL Class.
  • Central Middle School: Mrs. Beatty's 6th Grade Social Studies Class.
  • Central Middle School: 32nd Honor Opus Choir Attendees.
  • Central Middle School: Band News.
  • Central Middle School: Ms. Wiebe's 7th and 8th Grade Ag Classes.
  • West Middle School: Mr. Yerington's 6th Grade Science Class.
  • Muscatine High School: Muscatine FFA.
  • Muscatine High School: Key Club Blood Drive.
  • Muscatine High School: Mrs. Mueller's AP Research Students.
  • Muscatine High School: Student Council Reps Visit Merrill Hotel.
  • Muscatine High School: MHS Band, Orchestra, Choir Prepares for All State Festival.
  • This Week in Muskie Sports
  • MHS Physical Education Building Update


Parents as Teachers visited the Discovery Center this week to learn all about turtles! We even got to have turtle races with Murtle the Turtle.


Kindergarten students at Colorado made a feather with their families to show what they are thankful for. The feathers were combined to make a very thankful kindergarten turkey!


Students in Mrs. Hines' Kindergarten class worked together to build 3D shapes in the math center...

...and during free reading, students read to “animal buddies.”


Ms. Dindinger and Mrs. Goddard work with students in Ms. Schumaker's kindergarten class during small group ELA center rotations. Students worked on blending onset and rime in words, writing sight words, and making sentences with letter beads.


Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Carlson taught Colorado second graders how to write instructions on how to make scrambled eggs. They used their writings to make it in the crock pot and ate them.


Third graders in Mrs. Yahn's class dissected owl pellets for Science class.


A former Steeler football player visited Colorado this week to give an assembly on diabetes during World Diabetes Day. Students were allowed to try on his Super Bowl Bling!.


Franklin Elementary's Student Leadership Team met the new school pet pig. Welcome Frankie!


Fifth graders at Grant participated in a pilot program for a math game called Count Fast 24. A bracket tournament was held to determine who has the fastest mental calculation skills! Congratulation to 3rd-place, Cade Daufeldt, 2nd-place Jayden Kemper, and 1st-place Jeni Jarrett!


Grant students had a blast in Leadership Lab this week! Needlework, gooey science experiments, yoga, physical fitness relays, and more!


Jefferson students are taking their attendance seriously this year, setting and reaching some AMAZING goals! Students were recognized this week at a special attendance assembly! 91 of 454 Jefferson students, or 20%, had PERFECT ATTENDANCE during 1st Quarter. Another 188 students missed only 2 or fewer days! Way to go Jefferson Bears!


Kendall Simmons is a former NFL® player who played nearly 10 years after being drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers® as the 30th overall pick in 2002 spoke to Jefferson Elementary on Tuesday, November 14th, World Diabetes Day, to share his story with 3rd graders who recently completed the Diabetes Busters program presented by the Muscatine Diabetes Walk Project. Shortly before his second season began in 2003, Simmons was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and was not sure if he would be able to continue his football career. With the help of team doctors and a strong support network, Simmons returned to the field that same year.

Shortly before his second season began in 2003, Simmons was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and was not sure if he would be able to continue his football career. With the help of team doctors and a strong support network, Simmons returned to the field that same year. Now retired from the NFL®, Simmons is still very active in the diabetes community. He has spoken to children and adults with diabetes across the country to let them know that the disease can be managed.

Students (and staff) also enjoyed trying on his REALLY BIG Super Bowl RINGS!!!!


Students in Mrs. Randleman's 3rd grade, worked on distributive property with cereal!


Ms. Story's Jefferson students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing continue to video chat with individuals like them around the country. This week, video calls were made to CANADA! One group of students in Rossland, British Columbia- Canada and another in Nakusp, British Columbia- Canada. The students enjoyed showing off hearing aids, technology similarities and differences, weather differences, things they enjoy to do and much more! Our string/pin map keeps growing as does the students' awareness of their greater Deaf Culture.


Jefferson School students and parents attended the second annual Family Science Night this week. Students had the opportunity to learn about science by building arches, testing liquids, using cabbage juice as an indicator, experimenting with static electricity, catapulting sponges into the air, flying kites and many more fun activities.


Madison held its Family Math Fluency Night this week. They had 72 students in attendance. Students were able to participate in stations of various math fluency games that families made to take home. Thanks to everyone who came!


Last Saturday, students and staff participated in a special 'Christmas Came Early' event as part of the Mulberry Carnival raffle. A total of five students won the chance to bring a friend and come to school to participate in a variety of Christmas themed activities organized by the Mulberry K-1 team. The students created an ornament, decorated cookies, watched a Christmas movie, drank hot chocolate and ate a treat! They also had fun playing a game where they had to try and unwrap Christmas presents while wearing oven mitts! A great time was had by all!​


To celebrate Veteran's Day, Mulberry had it's first recognition assembly. Veterans that are friends and family of Mulberry students and staff joined us for the program that was put on by the 5th grade students. It was a beautiful program, and it was a great way to show appreciation to our veterans.


Mulberry held their monthly PBIS fancy lunch on Monday. There were two special guests that joined the students for lunch, and both were World War II veterans. It was a special for lunch for both students and adults!


Celebrating Mickey Mouse’s birthday! Kindergarteners in Mrs. Green's class talked about how Walt Disney has a growth mindset and could not give up on his dream.


"Professor Pierre" teaches the students in Ms. Acker's EL class some French to make a new student feel welcome! Merci!


Jill Goldesberry from the Stanley Foundation brought the Earth Balloon to Central to share with 6th grade students in Mrs. Beatty's social studies classes. They were able to step inside the scale model of the world and practice their map reading skills.


Central Middle School 6th graders Lola Stamler and Abigail Yahn sang to a sold out crowd of 2,700 people at the 32nd Iowa Opus Honor Choir on November 16th. The Iowa Opus Honor Choir is an audition only event. Students submit recordings of their voices and if chosen sing in a choir with 180 other students. This year almost 3000 students auditioned for the 720 spots in 4 choirs. Please congratulate these two great students on all of their hard work!!!


Check out CMS Band's Newsletter to see what the band has been doing this year!

Pictured below are band students before their Fall Concert dressed in their Halloween costumes


7th grade ag students in Ms. Wiebe's Ag Class at CMS identify different dairy and dairy related products as part of lab for ag products and processing.

The 8th grade ag students at Central got to interact with lots of props as they explored the Wildlife & Natural Resources part of agriculture.

7th and 8th grade Cental Ag students got to learn how to sheer sheep and got to help with the process this week at the Ag Center.


Students in Mr. Yerington’s 6th grade science class are trying to identify the “mystery mixture” by combining two white substances and checking for fizzing. They are being great chemists and learning how to provide evidence for what they think.


On Thursday, November 2, 2017, first year members of the Muscatine FFA attended the Greenhand Fire-up meeting, held in Wellman, Iowa. While at Mid-Prairie High School, district and state officers lead four interactive workshops for first year high school FFA members, also known as Greenhands, for the annual Greenhand Fire-up Conference. The workshops facilitated were leadership focused with an emphasis on the experiences that occur in the lives of beginning high school students.


Thanks to all the Muskies who donated blood yesterday at the MHS Key Club's Blood Drive! Key Club met its goal and collected 106 units of blood - which will save 318 lives! And Key Clubbers and Kiwanis Members volunteered for over 75 hours of service! #muskienation #muskiepride


AP Research students in Mrs. Mueller's class researched their topics of inquiry at the University of Iowa Libraries on Thursday. Mateo Rangel, Kaylei Fear, Anahi Gonzalez, Trinity Christy, and Alicia Johnson are researching areas of interest as a capstone project to present in the spring.


MHS Student Council President, Meg Custis, Vice President, Saul Ocampo, and Junior Class President, Tess Rauenbuehler, check out the new Merrill Hotel as a venue for this year's prom!


The MHS Band, Orchestra, and Choir all state members are at work this morning preparing for their concert Saturday Night. IPTV will broadcast the performance on Thursday Evening (Thanksgiving).



The MHS Dance Team competed at The Legacy Dance Competition on Saturday. They placed 2nd in medium/large school pom, and placed 3rd in large school Jazz. The Team is getting ready to take the same two routines to the State Dance Team Competition in Des Moines on December 1st! We also had 7 soloists (Morgan Dodds, Carissa Johnson, Reagan Caffery, Chloe Hartman, Meg Manjoine, Lexie Weikert, and Kelsey Miller) take their routines and place in their respective grade levels! Way to go Muskies and good luck at the state competition in two weeks!

Muskie Wrestling

The Muskie Wrestling season began this week - wrestlers have been hard at work the first few practices of the season. See them in action at their first home meet on Thursday, November 30th vs Central DeWitt and Louisa-Muscatine. #muskienation

Muskie Football

Congratulations to the following All-State individuals!


Follow MCSD's Construction Blog in order to follow along as the new MHS Physical Education building is built. This week, preparation began on the area!

Thanks to all who contributed photos this week!

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