Monica Millán-Serna CAS Highlights

She is a Spanish professor from Colombia. “I love my language, and I like to transmit this love for my language to other people,” said Millán-Serna. Her research focuses on Spanish acquisition and the struggles from both second language learners and “hablantes de herencia” (heritage speakers), children of native speakers who were taught the language at home, when studying Spanish. Millán-Serna explained that “hablantes de herencia” learn the language orally and many can read and speak, but struggle with writing and grammar because they do it more instinctively, when in contrast, second language learners do it more consciously. She is constantly looking for better ways to teach the language and culture and to help her students learn. As for class, she has incorporated Flipgrid, an online video sharing platform, for her conversational classes. Students share a video in Spanish of what they have done or the news from them Hispanic World, and other students respond to them. She has found that through these means more students participate. Her biggest advice for students is to “study something you love. I love my job and I love my students, I love going to work every day” Thank you Dr. Mónica Millán-Serna for your passion and dedication to our students! #TRUEMU #EMUCAS