The Eighth Day Book Review By, Rebecca Baughman, MMS

Running. It’s a skill you have to become adept at when you’re one of the few good Transitioners.

In Dianne Salerni’s, The Eighth Day, Jax, a newly turned Transitioner,is not having a good few weeks. Transitioners are magical people with the ability to enter the Eighth Day(called Grunsday by some). Sadly, most of its inhabitants are thieves. You see, in Grunsday, there are no working alarms or cameras, and anything you move stays in any place you move it to. This makes stealing very easy.

My favorite part of this book is when we find out not all Transitioners are good. It shows real human morality. Most people say that they wouldn’t do somethings under any circumstances. But if you take away all consequences, many will do it anyways. If all the Transitioners had been righteous do-gooders, then it wouldn’t be realistic.

‘There is no such thing as perfection, only those who mimic it,’-Rebecca Baughman. This quote is one of the life lessons taught by The Eighth Day. The main character makes mistakes, that anyone could make.

I believe this book is good because the characters seem human. They make valid and understandable mistakes, and their emotions seem real. Actions have consequences, and morality is not constant, just like in real life. There are a few unrealistic characters, like Evangeline, who are exceptions. But mostly it feels like real people are doing these things, not fictional characters.

Camelot fans will like this book for its plethora of references, Humor fans will enjoy the main character’s personality, and action fans will enjoy the many points of suspense.


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