Medieval Torture Devices by: jaden wehner

Ordeal by Water- The person had their hands and feet tied together, then they were then thrown into water. If they floated they were guilty but if they sank they were innocent.

Ordeal by fire- The person had to pick up a red iron bar and hold it, as they walked three or four pases.

This represents the iron bar
this Represents how hot the bar is.

ordeal by Combat- Noblemen would have to fight in combat, and the winner would be considered to be in the right.

The Stocks- The stocks was mainly used to humiliate the person. The person would hang by their hands, feet, and sometimes head, by an opening between two boards.

Catherine's Wheel- A person was lashed to a wheel, and a club or iron cudgel was used to beat their limbs.

Burning Alive- One of the most common ways of punishments. The person would normally die of asphyxiation before the flames could damage them.


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