Reddin - wreddin20 - Builder - Raid 7

I began this raid thinking that my project would be completely different than it actually turned out. I began the raid with the idea of doing pixel art in Minecraft. For those who do not know, pixel art is where you use a bunch of different colored blocks to develop a picture, much like how actual photos are made. I started with the idea of doing the Mona Lisa. I found an example showing me how to do it as seen here:

However, I realized that this example would still come out as very pixelated and in order for it to actually look good, I would have to do something more along these lines:

But, this seemed very boring to me and I soon realized I would not have fun with this project, but it would be dreadful, if I attempted something along these lines. Because of this I decided to do something completely different. I decided to make an AT-AT walker from the Star Wars series, which looks like this:

The parts I struggled with the most were the rounder parts as Minecraft deals in square objects. But, I watched a tutorial video and took screenshots of my process step by step as seen here:

Here I was done with the build itself, but I put in a little more detail so that it looked more realistic.

(Probably the best picture of it)


Created with images by Uriel 1998 - "Minecraft Cathedral"

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