The McCarthy Era By Hunter novich josh peck

  • Joseph McCarthy claimed to now of 205 communist in the State Department
  • He claimed Secretary of State George Marshall was part of an immense conspiracy
  • His charges gained support
  • In 1954 he claimed the army was full of communist
  • Political and Military leaders decided he had to be stopped
  • McCarthy was charged for specially treating an aide in a draft
  • The senators subcommittee voted to investigate the claims
  • The army-McCarthy hearings began in late April 1954
  • Many Americans became horrified by McCarthy's bullying tactics and baseless allegations
  • By the end of the hearings in mid-June the senator had lost his most hardcore supporters
  • Although McCarthy remained in the Senate his power was gone and he died three years later
  • Eventually the second red scare subsided


Created with images by DonkeyHotey - "Ted Cruz - Caricature" • DonkeyHotey - "Lyin' Ted Cruz - Caricature" • History In An Hour - "Joseph McCarthy" • DonkeyHotey - "Peter King and Ted Cruz - Smug and Smugger"

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