Portrait Project by: courtey Yeager

This photo was taken when I went to pick up my boyfriend from his house after not seeing him for four days because i was in Colorado with my best friend. The look on his face is pure confusion because I didn't explain that it was for a project I simply screamed "The sun! Golden Hour!" and forced him to hop a fence and turn to face me. But it's ok, it came out pretty adorable.
This photo was captured in a crowded Olive Garden on my beautiful sister birthday. My family drove out to meet her in Camarillo where she attends college and surprise her with a meal. It was an amazing day to reconnect with my older sister who I missed very much.
This photo was taken at Morro Bay when my sister and her boyfriend went on a double date with my boyfriend and I. We walked down the beach and took turns taking pictures of each other. She is a photographer so hers were better but she still put it on her Instagram so basically I'm a photographer too.
This photo was captured in Mr. Yeager's room when I realized I didn't have a second photo that fit the list of criteria. I was very excited about capturing Golden Hour and then it hit me, that's all I had. Here I present to you the Rembrandt lighting technique. Had it not been for my quick crop job there would've been the phone that I used for a flashlight and my hand just off to the right. Here you can see the joy and life in her eyes as she struggles not to laugh at the phone(s) in her face.

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