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Lesson 1 - Why apps?

1. Facebook: It helps me to know about the lives of my friends and family. 2. Twitter: It helps me to express my feelings. 3. Whatsapp: It allows me to keep in contact with my friends and family through instant messages. 4. Snapchat: I can record or take pictures of my daily life and share it with my friends during a period of time. 5. Uber: It helps me to move around the city with more security than using a normal taxi.

Lesson 2 - Idea Storm

Shopping app - Fashion app - Game - Homework app - Schedule app - Money app - Make up - School app

Lesson 3 - Who's your audience?

Teenagers, specially girls. It would be an app focused on fashion and it will show the girls how to build amazing outfits with the clothes they have.


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