1960s Scavenger hunt

The popular bands in the 60s are the Beatles they played alternative rock, The Beach Boys played alternative rock, The Rolling Stones
Vietnam War began November 1, 1955 ended April 30, 1975 Result: North Vietnamese victory
Jfk wins presidency nov 8,1960, jfk assassination november 22, 1963, civil rights alternative of 1964 july 2,1964
Maury wills stole 104 bases in 1962, 61 home runs by rodGer maris, fir nfL super bowl jan 1967
I Have A Dream SPEECH , rosa park arrESTED, washington march For jobs and freedom.
1965 Ford Mustang fastback, 1968 Chevrolet Camaro ss, 1960 dodge power wagon 4x4, 1960 Dodge Dart Phoenix.
The Andy griffin show, flinstones, mister ed, Gillian's island
North to Alaska (john Wayne) November 7,1960. Little shop of horrors (Mel Welles) September 14, 1960. Exodus (sal mines) December 16, 1960. G.i. Blues(Elvis Presley) august 18, 1960
JOHN F KENNEDY 1961-1963
Fidel Castro, and mao tse tung


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