R.E.M. Sleep Reunions Episode 156

R.E.M. Sleep Reunions, Ep. 156

Much like Seinfeld sometimes our shows about nothing become shows about something. So it was this week as an early morning Facebook post by our own Jennabee about a dream visitation from her deceased grandfather spurred a discussion that spanned half the night. Crew members recounted their own dream visits, what it could all mean and what mediums like Jean Durkin have said about such paranormal palavers. Paranews includes stories of an ancient disaster, a cursed painting, a toddler predicting events in Revelations and more!!

NASA says it's reasonable to expect man to visit the Red Planet by the 2030's. Donald Trump has other plans.....

Did an ancient comet strike Earth and disrupt civilization across the globe?

How long would you continue to live with the decaying body of a loved one? Most likely not as long as this guy.

Has a cursed painting left a charred trail of destruction across Europe?

Do you believe in reincarnation? How about karmic justice? Well, one man certainly does....

Was a biblical prophecy just confirmed.....by a toddler?

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