COBA classic

In January, we showed you the world inside the Charter Oak Boxing Academy in Hartford, Connecticut.

Here, young boxers from the Hartford region, workout, train and spar. The boxing center began 30 years ago as a way to reach inner city kids, keep them out of trouble, and use boxing to teach important life skills.

This special collection of photos from that project gives further insight and celebrates the long-standing relationship between boxing and black and white photography.


(Below: Coach Teddy Perez).

(Above: Coach and executive director Johnny Callas gives advice to one of the women boxers who trains at COBA).

The goal of COBA is not to produce champions in the ring - although that has happened in the 30 year history of the program - the goal is to produce champions in life. Once you are a member you are a member for life. So while COBA is aimed at youth, the gym is also filled with older boxers and former competitive boxers who serve as coaches and mentors.

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© Dean Pagani 2019


© Dean Pagani 2019

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