Chasing Winter's Light Current Project

March 14th, 2017

Winter Storm Stella had me in complete lock down. So I thought it might be a good time to review some of the images I've been working on since the year began. I was quickly struck by how varied the range of light these winter months have given us. I know, those friends and family who live or at least spend your winter months luxuriating in the sun's warm may not get it. But for those of us who must endure the occasional blizzard, these are the rewards, meager as they may be.

Higgins Beach, Scarborough Maine at low tide. What is only hinted at in the ripples on the pools is how very cold and windy it was. The windchill was in the single digits.

Just a hour or so after the Higgins Beach photos (barely long enough to thaw out my fingers) I headed over to Two Lights. While Higgins has a long sloping sandy beach, just a few miles to the east is the rugged, more typical Maine rocky shore. The wind was howling from the north, knocking the tops off the waves has well has holding them up until they crashed on the shore line. The mid afternoon, backlighting made for dramatic images. One of the advantages of winter light in the northern latitudes (43.7N here in Portland) is that the sun, when there is sun, stays much lower in the sky.

Two Lights
But then we don't always have sun. Back at Higgins Beach on a day where the fog would neither burn or blow off.

Spurwink Creek at high tide. There is nothing like a good foggy day to take the sharp edges off (photos and one's mood).

Porter's Preserve, Boothbay Regional Land Trust
I was the first car in the parking lot the morning after a heavy snow. The tides carved out beautiful shapes along the shore.

Fort Williams (Portland Head Light) is right down the street from our house. And while it is sometimes easy to take this dramatic park for granted, every change in the weather brings out the best in this very photogenic location.

Two Lights State Park
Cross-River Preserve Boothbay regional Land Trust
Hendricks Head Light, Southport Maine

How can we have any discussion about light without at least one sunset?

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Jim Newton

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