Steven Spielberg The Amazing Hollywood Movie Director

Early Life

Steven Spielberg was born on Dec. 18th, 1946 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Steven lived in the suburbs with his parents, Leah Adler and Arnold Spielberg. Arnold loved engineering. He mastered with hard work. 'Cause of that Arnold was always being offered new jobs which means the Spielberg's moved a lot. Since Steven always moved, he was almost always an outsider, never being able to actually make friends before another move comes around. He often longed for a friend., but when Arnold got a Brownie movie camera everything changed. At the start, Steven filmed small train crashes. Then he moved on to filming the family's camping trips. It then became his obsession. Then Arnold simply gave Steven the camera. After that, Steven knew what he wanted to do with the rest of his life, film, direct and produce movies.

On the Road to Fame

In 1975, Steven in my opinion made the best summer spectacular ever made, it was Jaws. Making Jaws came along with serious challenges. First, there was Bruce. Bruce was the mechanical shark that acted as Jaws. He was massive weighing twelve tons. During the sets, Bruce broke apart from time to time. There was also Martha's Vineyard, where they filmed Jaws. It was usually filled with yachts, sailboats, swimmers and etc making it even harder to get a time to film. Because he couldn't have a mechanical shark battling shark hunters on a public beach with tourists. Even worse bad weather was happening a lot also. Some people at Universal even considered canceling Jaws. When Jaws was finished, it became a big hit. If Steven didn't learn to overcome the obstacles in Jaws, his other movies might've been worse than they already were. In 1981, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg talked about making a movie together. They made up Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. This feisty daredevil always seemed to seek out adventure and danger. The following year E.T. came out with a stunning cute little alien. Americans across the U.S. loved Elliott and E.T. " E.T. Phone Home " then became the catchphrase of the year. It even earned more money than Star Wars and Jaws.

Later in Life

In 1985, Steven married Amy Irving an actress. Soon they had a son named Max. Sadly in 1989, they divorced. Again in 1991, Steven married Kate Capshaw the actress from Temple of Doom. They then had Jessica and Sasha and then Sawyer, Destry, Theo, and Mikaela. Roar! In the dinosaur thriller, Jurassic Park showed you the return of dinosaurs in the invention that sparked an epic trilogy of monster jump scares and dinosaur thriller sequences. His expertise in filming movies and directing them paid off big time in JP. In 1994, John Ratzenberg and David Geffen offered Steven to make a new film studio. He agreed. They founded Dreamworks SKG Studios. Steven had everything at that point in his life except a college degree. In 2001, Steven reenrolled into California State University. He graduated on May 31st 2002. And I still feel like Steven Spielberg has many milestones to come.

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