Jack of all Trades, Master of None A Look ON The General Academic Strand


This publication provides insights and background on the various strands of the pioneering batch of the Ateneo de Manila Senior High School S.Y. 2016-2017. This edition highlights the General Academic strand also known as "G.A.". We will be showcasing the different student-athletes and student personalities. Some of the people showcased include actors, athletes and debaters, among others. We hope to provide a better understanding of the different events, people and conditions that make up the daily life of a G.A. student.


The G.A. strand boasts the largest amount of student athletes among other talents. Majority of the Loyola Handball team comes from the G.A. strand in all of its' teams and most of the players comes from the class of 11-Chabanel. It consists of 4 teams, Men's Team A & B, Women's and, Developmental. The team's recently competed last Sunday in the Handball Festival at the Ateneo Grade School Covered Courts.

The Loyola Handball Team (Men and Women's) and their Coach, Mr. Pocholo Mari M. Gutierrez

Everything is the same with the Taekwondo, Basketball, Football, and Swimming Teams of the ASHS as most of their players come from this strand. With the likes of Dave Ildefonso, SJ Belangel, RV Berjay to name a few of the Ateneo Blue Eaglets players that come from the G.A. strand. With the fact that they were choosen to represent the school, says a lot on the potential they can reach in their skills. They are currently leading their team to the UAAP Finals as they are currently in the playoffs against FEU.

The Ateneo Blue Eaglets feautring G.A. students, SJ Belangel, Dave Ildefonso, RV Berjay.

Our old students are not the only ones earning a reputation through their sports but also our newest transferees. Harley Santos, who ranks as the #1 fighter in the Philippines and #8 amongst the world in the youth division, he recently competed in the Youth Taekwondo World Championship in Burnaby, Canada. As of today he is participating in the "Palarong Pambansa". Another new student, Suzanne Himor, a well-establish Swimmer of the ASHS, who managed to make a mark in UAAP Records as she set a record for the 200 m Butterfly with a time of 2 mins and 26 seconds. These names are just few of those who have earned headlines from their performances in their own respective sports.

Harley Santos of the Ateneo Taekwondo Team and Suzanne Himor of the Ateneo Female Swim Team.

Yet with all these athletes making names for themselves, comes also those who have talents who achieve in their own expertise. Most of the students coming from the G.A. Strand are also known for their acting and debate skills. Famed actors such as ABS-CBN Actor, Kobi Vidanes, who was most known for his time in the TV series, Goin Bulilit. A new and up and coming debater Nicole Masagca, who became the first female debater of the ASHS to win a top individual speaker award at a major debate tournament. Specifically, she won as the Best Overall Speaker of the Tournament at IDeA Lite.

Kobi Vidanes annABS CBN Actor and Nicole Masagca of the ASHS Debate Team.

This proves that GA students are not only proficient academically but also in their extra-curricular activities. The G.A. strand is also diverse in the way that they are the strand that has the most number of electives and borrowed specialized subjects from other strands, such as Business and Management and Media. In the following article, the discrimination of the other strands against the G.A. strand will be discussed.


Even with all the talent and intellect that makes up our strand we still often receive in many ways of discrimination just because of our name. Once you first hear the words "General Academics" people usually label those in it as "individuals who aren't capable of anything at all" or even "students who have no idea what they want to do in the future". There are also stereotypes stating that those who consists in the strand are mostly troublesome, simpleminded, and incompetent. They also compare our strand's name to others, where in they say the name can really say a lot of what we can achieve in life. (e.g. HUMSS vs GA) There has been incidents regarding this matter but our strand did not react violently and decided that getting back at the guy was not worth it. It really hurts hearing those remarks but surely we respond to the by using what they say as motivation for us to prove the "haters" wrongs.


The class of 11-Chabanel at their Spiritual Retreat and their Class Moderator, Mr Pocholo Mari M. Gutierrez

Even with all the discrmination we receive, we stay strong and look to overcome our the hate. We choose to ignore the hate since if we were to retaliate with anger it shows that we are a strand that holds grudges but rather we stay quiet and let them see for themselves what we are made of. We believe that our name does not define our strand, that we have a lot of potential just like those of the other strand. Our situation is perfect if we want to prove everyone wrong and show to them that we have what it takes to become successful. With all the unique personalities our strand has, it really shows that we are much more than mediocracy but instead we are all special together, as a strand. As long as we remain united as a strand, surely we will earn triumphs that will bring greatness and the respect the General Academics Strand deserves.


Authors and Editors (From Left to Right), Brent Tolentino, Dave Ildefonso, Clarenz Tolentino, Kobi Vidanes, and Carlos Calapatia of 11- Chabanel.

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