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"Creating music that symbolizes all types of people and the issues they face, Llewellyn acts as more than an artist, but as a social scientist dissecting society and unraveling his inner layers to find the root of what he has been conditioned to believe or experience."

A picture of constant evolution, Farr Well - aka Farrington Llewellyn - is a hip-hop artist with a striking sense of self-awareness and purpose. Based in Minneapolis, Llewellyn’s art transcends social stigmas to find a place of renewal in sharing important stories, based in reality, that educate and transform the perceptions of those who listen. His unique soundscape of eclectic hip-hop has been welcomed by fans with over 200 performances in his local scene of the Twin Cities and globally with performances at Hojoya Festival in Hakozaki, Fukuoka, and the famed Alfie Jazz Roponggi in Tokyo, Japan. Llewellyn has also opened for Flo-Rida and Blood Raw from Young Jeezy's record label USDA, as well as international artist and Hip-Hop pioneer Rakim. Llewellyn’s music is more than just a great hip-hop track - it speaks to lovers of sociology and philosophy as he dives deep into the facets of life in the 21st century.

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"Farr Well aka Farrington Llewellyn is a hip-hop artist with a striking sense of self-awareness." - Wahu Times

Hard Pill To Swallow

(July 2020)

Hard Pill To Swallow sees Farr Well coming to terms with his Bipolar diagnosis and opening the door for conversations on mental illness and generational trauma. Talking about a tough subject is never easy but with the power of music behind it, Hard Pill To Swallow becomes a meditative listen that sparks an inner dialogue and reflection in every listener. “This album is bigger than me,” says Llewellyn, “ it has the potential to stimulate the conversation around mental illness and trauma in communities where it's stigmatized. It's a ‘hard pill to swallow’ but working through our hard life experiences is the path to healing and building resilience.”

"a bright spot emerging from a bleak year" - The Ritz Herald

He's Got A Gun

(May 2019)

An exploration of gun violence in poor & Black communities. Other themes include mental illness, purpose and the plight of being an artist.

Az Tek's Ghost

(August 2018)

AZ Tek’s Ghost is a 3 song EP exploring the struggles of Black youth living in survival mode. Each song was produced by Marc Rice of MPLS House who encouraged Farr Well to embrace his past, during a time he felt socially responsible to make “conscious music”. The topics range from hustling, gun violence, mental illness, drug addiction, sex work, and others to bring listeners into the mind state of young men growing up in impoverished and neglected communities.


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