The Electraply

Wooden Iron Giant

Shinken Sword Private COMMISSION

Ring Bearer Box

Interactive Pole Lathe Model

Wooden Tape Measure

Treehouse build in Tamil Nadu, South INdia

Robotic Puppet

Plastic paddle Boat

Robotic K-9

Model of the Gohliser Windmill (sails spin electronically)

Sci-Fi Tuk Tuk Design and 3d Model

dr. strangelove survival kit camera case

Camper-van Design

2 Hour Design and Build SCRAP WOOD CHALLENGE

Foam FABRICATED Creature Suit

Plywood Dovetail Guitar Amp Prototype

Set Model for "The Lesson"

Hand Crafted Knife

Pen Holder Prototypes

Muppet Style Puppet

Flamingo Puppets made for the Edinburgh Lyceum's Christmas Pantomime

More of my work can be found here: https://propsolve.blogspot.co.uk/ Tel: 07455817117