Razor Back By lockie, dev and alex

This is our monster.

These are the questions we will be asking about our animatronic.

So it all started when Razor Back and Dead Lock were in war against robot armies. Razorback had to charge up his drill on the front of his body to get to the power source (the base). They capture the power source in his right arm, to bring peace to the Robo Land!

These are the parts we are allowed to utilise to create our very own animatronic. E.G there are Wheels, lego pieces hooks and much more.

While we were using our EV3 "Commander app" I thought to myself that we should create a program that would incorporate all of our moving animations. E.g Our moving drill and Wheels. I also programmed our animatronic robot to rotate, go forward and backwards with just a click of a button. It did take a while to code but in the end it was surely worth the time it took.

This is the commander application we were going to use for our animatronic

This is the application I utilised to implement my programming skills, to make our animatronic robot to work / move in curtain ways.

This is the application that we were going to use to showcase our animatronic robot. It has code and everything we will need for our showcase

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