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Have you ever thought about getting cable Tv, or maybe wanted to know if you are getting the best price for the provisions you want? If this is so then this mentor guide will help you decide if it's time for an upgrade from Netflix or Hulu to an on demand tv service at your disposal.

Of course the cheapest tv package will usually not of the best connection or signal. But these cable companies all have decent reliability and pricing for the product they offer. All of these cable companies provide at least fifty television channels with the cheapest package they offer.

Here are the four cable companies I will be comparing.

These are the four companies I will be comparing by price, reliability and general services.

Surprisingly the most common video entertainment platform isn't Hulu or Netflix, like you may have, it is cable television

If you are looking for something that has different and new options of what to watch every single day; then cable television would fit that description quite nicely. Unlike Hulu or Netflix some cable tv providers offer variety of packages that would appeal to your taste, so you don't have to sort out the channels you don't want to have. Also cable television has better reliability than netflix or Hulu, meaning that you won't lose connection because of some inconvenient situation like your internet being overused or slow.

Dish Tv

The television service Dish tv offers a wide variety of channels, depending on which package you decide to purchase. In fact this cable provider offers upwards of 50-330+ different channels. The reliability of the connection or signal depends on the weather condition the satellite dish is experiencing. One other things Dish tv provides is on demand services, however this function requires extra payment, along with the original price of the television package. This network also offers premium channels with the original television package. Lastly the channel service packages range in price from $35-$140 a month, depending on your selection


Directv also offers a wide selection of channels, that is depending on which package you decide to buy. This provider offers a little less options when it comes to channels offered, 145-315+ channels. However this is exceptionally made up with the reliability of the network, this means very rarely will the signal go out, even if this occurs it's only for a moment. Another thing Directv offers is on demand services. Similar to Dish Tv this function requires extra payment along with the original price per month of the television package. Also Directv offers different packages of premium channels. Lastly these services cost from $50-$125 a month.

AT&T U-verse

At&t U-verse has a multitude of channels of your choosing, the number of channels in which you can access depends on you package selection. AT&T U-verse offers from 145-550+ Different channels of your choosing, which is a substantial increase from both Dish TV and Directv. How this superiority is counteracted by the reliability of the connection, meaning the connection can be slowed at times. However the overall reliability of the network is acceptable compared to other providers. Another thing about this service provider is its selection of On-demand service options, and its premium channels are included in the standard television packages. Finally these services are priced from $50-$125 a month depending on your purchase option


The service provider Xfinity has a smaller assembly of television channels to offer. This is 10-260+ different channels, the specified number of channels that it offers depends on the selection of the package you decide to purchase. This is quite a decrease from AT&T U-verse, directv and Dish TV. However this is made up by the company's reliability with television and internet services. Another provision that this company offers is combined usage of internet and television services. One other thing this service has is large selection of On-demand services. However this feature is only available in certain areas. Xfinity has both separate packages with premium channels and combined packages with both premium and standard. Lastly this television provider offers pricing from $20-$110 a month depending on your purchase.


Overall, all of the providers had great provisions for the the pricing that they offer. The best of each category (price, reliability, On-demand services, number of channels and premium channels) are as follows.

Reliability - Directv

Channels offered - AT&T- Uverse

Cheapest pricing - Xfinity

Premium Channel Bundles - Xfinity

Overall valued buy - AT&T-Uverse

I have decided upon the best overall value to be AT&T Uverse because I has a large number channels offered including premium channels, reasonable pricing, On-demand services and the exceptional reliability.


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