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I’m down on one knee shooting off the ground, one of the guys in my scene has spotted me, he’s not happy and is talking fairly loudly at me. I get up as quick as I can without any sudden movements as he walks towards me, he opens his jacket for some reason and my shooting partner Ken Zen says “ we should go” and I know we should go but I also want the guy to know that I have a place in the street and that I’m not afraid of him and there you have it : Street photography in a nutshell!


I’m a quiet person by nature and often have difficulty taken my place on the street, it requires courage and dedication to be a Street Photographer. I rarely have any situations that I would call truly dangerous but I have had a few confrontations of a verbal nature and there you have it once again! If I study my passion for and try to understand what keeps me coming back to the streets it’s that fact right there. I’m not in control of every situation, there is and always will be a certain unpredictably in the genre because the street is life itself unfolding before you in every moment. I’m part of the scene observing and shooting but not making the scene or controlling the frame like in a studio. I can control my camera settings and my place in each scene but that’s it everything else is beyond my control and that I think is the lovely edge of Street Photography which makes it so addictive!


Reaction time is a factor or as a friend of mine would say, “If in doubt I shoot” So some of my shots you will see I kept shooting even after the subjects had expressed dissatisfaction with my presence, some may see this as rude or unfriendly but I'm working as candidly as possible and for me it’s part and parcel of the authentic street. I try not to edit my street work, I shoot everything more or less that catches my eye, the young, the old, the brave and the bold, the pretty, the not so pretty and the full on downside of the city streets I shoot in.


I tend to go all over the cities I'm in and if I'm honest I'm more comfortable in the "downtown" stations and streets than the upmarket areas but I'll shot anywhere something is happening and moving before my eyes!

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