Energy Conversion By:Nandhu


Types Of Energy

Forms of Energy


Heat energy is the result of movement of tiny partiveles

Mechanical energy

Mechanical energy - Is the energy in movement


Nuclear energy is energy realsead in a nuclear reaction


light energy is the energy in the flow of elestrons.


Is the energy stored in matter.

Energy Conversion

This is a Generator.This has Energy conversion because when turn the handle that is mechanical.Then the mechanical energy converted into into electric energy because of the turbine.Then Electric energy turns into light because of the wires conected to the turbine.
glow stick

A glow stick has energy conversion by chemical to light.This happens because of the chemical reaction.

Food pantry system.

This was our machine

This is our machine. This will help to move kitchen pantry items easily.This is how it works you put the box into the rubber band it should zip down.This has energy conversions from chemical to mechanical.The chemical energy comes from the food we eat.and then the chemical energy changes to mechanical energy as we push.

Benefit of the machine

It makes The food boxes easier to travel


Our machine got sucsess if you want proof click proof


The only improvement I think we needed is make the rubber band more bigger so the box can easily fit.

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