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So i decided to start traveling the world in search of answers to my many questions about the five main types of religion. They are Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. To start my journey I traveled from Frisco, Texas to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The flight was an unmanageable 24 hours long!

This is a picture of the Grand Mosque!!
The is an arial view of the Grand Mosque.

Day One: Today I arrived in the City of Mecca bright eyed and ready to dive into the religion that is currently known as Islam. From the airport I went to a hotel to drop off my stuff and head to my destination. What I learned from today was that Mecca considered a holy place in the religion. It is considered a holy place because it is the birthplace of the profit Muhammed. The Islamic faith believed that thought time that the faith has showed itself through the lives of different profits. However the the full and last revelation came through the profit Muhammed. That is why Mecca is a holy place in the faith. As I am walking this sacred city all I see is movement. People constantly moving around. One of the five pillars or Islam is to make the journey to Mecca, Muslims are constantly going in and out. As I am trying to escape the chaos, I see the Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel, the fourth tallest building in the World. Lastly, i close out the day by see the Grand Mosque. The Grand Mosque is one of the most famous mosques is the whole religion. The site of this architectural master piece was completely amazing. This building was massive and it looked like it could fit infinitive amounts of people inside. When it got dark, the mosque lit up and was one of the prettiest things I have ever seen. Today was pretty great and I enjoyed see what this faith has to offer. Tomorrow I will take a day of rest and maybe go see some stuff I missed. I should head out to my next destination in a couple of days.

This is the city of Bethlehem.
Crosses on a hill.

Day Four: After a long flight from Mecca to Israel. The two places were closer because they are moth in the middle East. I have come to Israel to learn about Christianity. Israel is a import place to three main religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. That is why it is such a interesting place. But for today, I am here to learn about the birth place of Jesus in the city of Bethlehem. In the Christian religion Jesus was the first and lasting coming of God. He came to wash everybody's sins away. So naturally, the birth place of the Christ is going to be a hoy place in this religion. As I walk through the city I am surprised to see what I see. I have herd Christmas stories about bethlehem and I imagine it to be cold, snowy, clean, and friendly looking. I was walking through a desert that had poverty all over the place. It was very hot and not snowing at all. The vibe was not friendly; in a sense I kinda felt like an outcast or and outsider. I am glad to visit this place to learn more about the Christian faith, but unfortunately can't stay for long because I have to go see other places. Tomorrow I am heading of to Egypt to look at the Judaism.

Mount Sini

Day Six: After a relatively short flight to Egypt, I drove to Mount Sini to discover more about the faith of Judaism. As I tour this mountain, I discover more and more about it. So the story behind this sacred place is that the Jewish people had just come out of exile and came to rest on Mont Sini. Through their journey their connection had grown more strong through every passing moment. When the got to the mountain God talked to everybody including men, women, and even children. That had never happened before, that God talked to a whole people. In the verses that explains this encounter it was said that this has never happened before and will never happen again. That is why Mont Sini is viewed as a holy place, not only to the people of the Jewish religion, but the Christian one too. As i have learned, the two religions are ties closely together and are only different because of a couple fundamental values. The mountain itself was absolutely beautiful. Even thought the journey up was not the most fun thing i have ever done, I still enjoyed the history it had to offer. Tomorrow I am going to take off and rest so that i can head to hungry the next day!!

Inside of the Synagogue.
Outside of the Synagogue.

Day Eight: So today I ventured to Hungry to see the famous see a famous synagogue that is important in the Jewish faith. The synagogue is called the Dohany Street Synagogue. This was an amazing experience. When you walk by the building, it looks like big normal building with weird circular shaped things on the top. When you walk into the place it is like you stepped into a different universe. It was so nice!! Everything was shiny and but then again you respected everything. It was dead silent in there, but not in a bad way. If anything it was a very comforting silence. This synagogue was very pretty and I would absolutely go back and visit. I have to head to Rome tomorrow to look at a Famous Christian Church.

Jesus Lights

Day Nine: I am in Rome today!! Today i am looking at the St. Peter's Basilica. This is in Vatican City which is very highly looked upon in the Christian faith, especially the catholic branch. This church was absolutely beautiful. There were a ton of visitors that were running around the city. There were a multitude of priets blessing people. It was just a completely humbling experience. People were giving to charity and helping each other out. I am upset that I can only stay here for one day. I want to go back and see everything again. But tomorrow I am strictly resting because I have to take long flight to India to close out the five religions. I am looking at Hinduism and Buddhism there.

This is the Buddha

Day Eleven: I finally made it to India where the Buddha was enlightened. In the Buddhist religion, Siddhartha Gautama spend most of his life isolated from the world until he became enlighten. Once he went through this major change his only goal in life was to enlighten other people. Since this religion has grown, they have made this place into a temple and has become a famous temple in the religion that people from all over come and see. I am going to stay and tour around before I go and check out the Hindu religion.

This was taken inside the temple.

Day Thirteen: My final days on my journey are going to be spent learning more bit hinduism. I am still in India, just a different part. Today I am visiting the famous Kedarnath Temple in India. The temple itself was beautiful. It looked like a house from the front and opened up to the back. The front of the building was colorful and very inviting. Throughout the time I spent there, I learned that this temple is dedicated to Bhagwan Shiva. The temple is over a thousand years old and built mainly out of concrete slabs. It was amazing how long that this temple lasted as long as it did! The architecture was really cool!!

This is the Temple that is dedicated to Yamunotri.
This is the temple Kedarnath.

Day Fourteen: Today was my last day and I could not be more sad. As the finale to my trip I will be looking at a sacred site to the Buddhist religion. The Chardham Yatra is a series of destination and is considered the most renown and holiest sites of India. The expedition includes four holy sites. They are all located in the foothill of the himalayan mountains. This exalted trip was initiated thousands of years ago. Ever since then people of the Hindu religion have been taking this journey to see these important temples. Each of the four temples represents the well known dwellings of four Hindu gods. They are Yamunotri, Kedarnath, Gangotri, and Badrinath. I took a couple of days to travel the path that many Hindus take to make a pilgrim for their gods. Very humbling experience that I recommend people do regardless of their religious preference.


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