Cystic Fibrosis Morgan Cherry

DEFINITION: A progressive genetic disorder that causes lung infections and can limit breathing over time.

CAUSES: Defective gene, both parents must have one copy of gene, gene makes a protein that controls how much water and salt leave your cells not work properly


- More than 70,000 people live with it in the world

- 1,000 cases diagnosed each yesr

- 66% of people with Cystic Fibrosis are diagnosed by age 1

- Half of the Cystic Fibrosis population is over 18 years old

CHARACTERISTICS & SYMPTOMS: Salty skin, persistent coughing, frequent lung infections, wheezing & shortness of breath, poor growth & weight gain


- Genetic, blood, sweat, and lung tests

- Chest/Sinus X-Ray

- Prenatal genetic test (amniocentesis)

- Can be detected before or after birth


Treatment: Airway clearance, inhaled medicine, pancreatic enzyme supplements

Cure: No cure

Long Term Effects: Affects major organs, can be life threatening


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