Synico's Solution for BU Wellness Increase Community Connection and Scheduling Efficiency

Project Overview

The Problem

Of all new HIV diagnoses, 38% are Black MSM. One in two Black MSM will be diagnosed with HIV during their lifetime. BU Wellness identifies and connects with Black MSM for testing and prevention interventions. Synico was hired to create a platform that would increase the number of men reached to schedule testing appointments and to successfully digitize the intake process of these individuals.

Leads and HIPAA Compliance

Each person Synico directs to BU Wellness who schedules an appointment to be tested for HIV and other STIs is considered a lead. The way the platform collects and transmits the data from these individuals must be HIPAA compliant. Generating new leads and protecting sensitive data can be very costly, but is essential.

The Solution

Synico created a multi-purpose scheduling platform that can be accessed and used in house or in the field. The information is collected and transmitted using a system that is fully HIPAA compliant. Using artificial intelligent (AI) marketing on more than 50 million websites and apps, Synico has driven scores of new leads and testing appointments each month to BU Wellness' new platform in a very cost effective way. This allows BU Wellness to be a leader in empowering Black men to reclaim the narrative of their sexual health, promoting community healing and sexual health awareness.

Who is the client?

The mission of BU Wellness Network is to enhance the health and wellness of our community, which includes sexual, gender, and racial minorities and the people who live and work in our neighborhoods.
Darrin Johnson, PhD, MPA, Executive Director
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