Christmas Tree Lighting By: Halei lewis

The Christmas Tree Lighting takes place at Liberty University for all of the students to partake into getting in the Christmas Spirit before the end of the semester. According to students, this is one of the events they look forward to when it comes to fall semester. Not only do students gather around to capture this moment but Lynchburg locals come to campus to see the magnificent tree light up. Daniel Garvin, a Lynchburg local has lived in the area for six years and comes to the event every year.

“I love coming to this even because it’s nice to see a tree that is about 25 feet tall decorated in different color lights, it’s so captivating and you feel very content and happy.” Daniel Garvin said.

Garvin has been able to capture memories with his friends by taking pictures and hanging around the campus tree in order to get into the holiday cheer. Students are very much like Garvin and hope to have more additional things added to this event. Several students have mentioned they would like little snacks and warm beverages becoming included into the holiday event in order to make it more festive. Student Alicia Eng has is an Alumni a Liberty University and still comes to the Christmas Lighting event.

“Going to the Christmas Tree Lighting is a traditional thing for me, ever since I was a freshman I found that this event is important. Especially being Alumni it’s nice to see what still goes on around campus even though I have already graduated. I think they would bring in more students and locals if they had Christmas Carols, snack and hot beverages because it would get everyone into the Holiday Spirit.” Alicia Eng said.

Alicia Eng graduated a year ago from Liberty University and still plans to stay in the area of Lynchburg. Alicia believes Lynchburg is growing and the events Liberty University plans are very enjoyable. Student Activities have goals for Liberty students to enjoy every event that is planned. It is their goal for students to grow and feel more wanted at Liberty. Students Activities wants people to be able to make friends, have fun and grow as an individual.

With the Christmas tree Lighting event the Farwell’s also have a goal for making this event more enjoyable for the students when they are stressed out about finals and missing their family. Beck Falwell has stated that she hopes students feel more at home because of the decorations. (Word Count 417)

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