Whale Shark BY:Megan Smith

Fun facts

  • They are biggest fish and shark in the world, yet they are extremely gentle
  • Whale sharks are filter-feeders
  • Its enormous mouth (nearly five feet wide) engulfs large quantities of tiny plankton that it filters through its gills as it swims
  • Females can have up to 300 shark pups at one time
  • Whale sharks can live up 100 years of age

Whale sharks have become a huge tourist attraction especially when it 'comes to snorkeling. Brent Stewart, a scientist at San Diego’s Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute, who has studied whale sharks in half a dozen countries. “People are willing to pay money for this kind of Eco-tourism, and now you see these unintended consequences. We have seen a frenzy in all these areas.”

Destiny from the Pixar movie Finding dory is a whale shark

Protect the gentle giant of the ocean

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