The Hecticness of the Guerra Family Mayra guerra

Where to begin.....

As we began 2017 with an active 8 year old, a crazy 18 months old, an active duty husband, and a new job title as a stay at home mom. I now care for the home and continue with my education. Let's see what else we can add to the mix.

In early January after almost 30 years of unexplained sickness, I learned that I am extremely allergic to almost all types of trees, all types of grasses, cats, dogs, dust mites, mold, weeds.
Basically I should be bubble girl and stay confined to the comforts of my home.

A few weeks later, we finally received news we were hoping to see.

The last member of our family will arrive October 2017.
This is what MiaBear thinks of having to give up her crib and sharing all the attention mom and dad give her. Not a happy camper.

About 2 months into the pregnancy, I started vomiting regardless of whether I ate or not. Social medicine doctors (Tricare) recommended "not to eat," so that I don't throw up. Genius!

I was prescribed multiple different prescriptions to help combat the nausea. Can you believe, Unisom the sleep aid medication is used to prevent nausea?

Most of my prescribed medicine makes me drowsy.

Which is horrible when you have an active 18 month old, a 8 year old that needs homework help, a house to keep, homework to complete... it's all physically and mentally exhausting.

As moms though, you have to do what you have to do.

We have all combatted the flu, my son and I have the same allergies. When one gets sick everyone gets sick.

In the end, all the difficulties are all worth it. As families we have to do what's necessary to keep everything going.


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