Asylum MADELINE roux

For sixteen years Dan Crawford, a summer project for gifted students is the chance anyone could want. No one else at Dan's school gets the weird fascinations with science and history, but at Hampshire college Prep program, there are some things that are all required. He finds out that the summer housing had been closed, they were forcing students to stay in the destroyed and crumbling Brookline dorm. Its formally a psychiatric hospital. But as Dan and his few friends that he just met Abby and Jordan start to explore Brookline's mazeish and twisty looking hallways and the old hospitals basement, the kids find all sort and uncover a lot of secrets about what really went on in that hospital. Whatever went on there links Dan, Abby and Jordan's dark pasts. Brookline's secrets reveal that it wasn't just an ordinary psych ward. There are some secrets that refuse to stay buried.

Genre of book would be horror

About my author: She is the new york time best selling author, she lives in minnesota and she is 31 years old , she was born in 1985 and she has alot of best selling books.

madeleine roux

Dan crawford is an outgoing boy looking for an adventure that may or may not get him killed. His other two fiends that he met at his college prep program Abby and Jordan. Abby is the shy one out of everyone scared to do things and scared to find out what really went on in that psychiatric hospital. And jordan is kind of the same way but he still wants to figure out what went on there as well as Dan.

One conflict i this story is that three 15 year olds struggle to find out secrets of an old dorm that used to be a psychiatric ward years ago and they argue about wheter they should do it or not but its resolved after Dan rus off alone then meets back up with them and finishes thier quest.

The theme of this book is three teens set out to find out the real background of Brookline dorms in the past. They will pretty much will stop at nothing to unbury the hidden secrets as long with some suspicious people along the way.

Page# 35 "I think i found the old pictures Felix was talking about". This quote contributes because it was one of the leads they got for unburying a secret of the crumbling dorm(psychiatric ward). Page# 224 "It's just too awful to think about" The reason this quote is somewhat important is because Abby is feeling sorry fro what she had heard about what happen to the people that formerly went through.

asylum-a place for people with mental disabilities

custody-the protective care or guardianship of someone or something

nonidentifying- not being able to make someone or thing out

hurled- to throw vigorously

bombarding- to attack

My evaluation- Asylum is a really good book. It makes you think, keeps you in suspense and makes you wonder what the three kids are going to do next. So id recommend this book because its just good.

sources( my own word from the back of my book, asylum book and google)


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