Centre Harbour Oceanfront Mahone Bay Harbour lunenburg county nova scotia


$ 185,000 cdn

Situated at the entrance to Mahone Bay Town Harbour Lunenburg County, Center Harbour Marine offers an ideal waterfront location in one of the most beautiful towns on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. The site with 105' of direct ocean shoreline projecting 150' into the Harbour comprises in total almost 16,000 sq. ft. of waterfront property based on a Deeded Crown Water Grant allowing significant development of the site.

The Crown Water Grant that is deeded with this property offers titled ownership of the land under the water as well as control of activities on the area’s surface waters, for example, dedicated anchorage and marine traffic. The Crown Water Grant also allows for certain rights to infill and build wharves and buildings.

Main Street Mahone Bay Nova Scotia Canada

Anchorage in the Harbour immediately off shore provides deep water for most boats

The historical building seen on this site has been eliminated due to aging issues. However, existing as of right development allows for new construction at least as extensive as the historical structure.

The site in the foreground above shows the 25 x 70 " boat shop on it's original foot print with the wharf intact. In recent years the red building has been eliminated due to fatigue but creates a clean slate for new construction. Zoning permits as of right to build at least up to the same volume and footprint as the former building with use ranging from industrial marine to residential..

The interior of the former building illustrates the significant volume of space that can be achieved on this waterfront site with a 180 degree view of Mahone Bay Harbour.

Some conceptual ideas for redevelopment of the site could see the rebuilding of the original wharf extending 60' plus ramps and floats to afford a significant presence for residential, commercial marine or recreational boating.

Future uses may suggest either a residential or commercial component with a traditional Lunenburg County shingle style or shift the form factor to a totally modernest approach to architectural style and function.

Lunenburg Shingle Style
Parking at road level

A wharf construction permit from DNR is in place which allows the rebuilding of a 12' x 60' wharf.

The location certificate below shows the boundaries of the property and locks in the building site for future use as well as showing the relative portion of the existing land mass to the water grant extending 150' . Technically this footprint can be infilled due to the deeded water grant, subject to fisheries and oceans criteria. This type of infill is not possible under normal waterfront properties which don"t carry the significance of titled crown water grants.

Location Certificate

Options for development could include an office, workshop, residence combination such as this conceptual project. The elevated platform eccentuates the 180 degree views and mitigates risks from activity at sea level.



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